Spinal Imaging Series: Module 8. Thoracic Spine Imaging II

Module 8 of 12 has 10 hours of content and you will learn about imaging of the ribs and chest, as well as thoracic spine CT and trauma.

In the entire course, there are 12 modules, each with 8 - 16 hours of content. Unlike many continuing education courses, modules are organized as a post-graduate level course which means there are homework assignments! Also, there is a required text for the course: McKinnis L. Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging (4th ed.). FA Davis. 2014. Each module has an estimated amount of time to complete, "piloted" by over 30 DPT students who took a similar course as an elective at Eastern Washington University.

If you plan to take more than one module, you might take them sequentially since each module builds on previous information. If you complete all 12 modules, you will have completed most of the imaging content to satisfy the spinal diagnostic imaging requirement of Washington State RCW 18.74.190 for spinal manipulation endorsement.